How To Use Your Spanish – English Skills To Land An Awesome Job

Are you trying to find a job as a spanish-english translator but coming up short?
Investigate this amazing job opportunity and see if it is for you!

Court Translator

The Los Angeles Superior Court had a job posting for a translator that makes $70k a year. This is an amazing job opportunity for those who are bilingual. All you have to do is get certified as a translator, apply, and get chosen. They are notorious for having a tough phone interview, so make sure you check out these phone interview tips.
Your job duties would be interpreting for judges, court staff, attorneys, and other justice related partners.
You would have to travel within the county that you are hired to work.
And accurately log daily activities and paperwork.

This is truly a home run for anyone who can grab it.


CATALAN Health Resources

Hey guys,

Anna here :-*.

I’ve got a really awesome resource for you (especially if you’re going back to Mexico for a sexy vacation).

If you’re a Spanish-American that happens to be considering taking a trip to the home land, or just want to improve the look of your body so you can look caliente for your Senior or Seniorita, then you need to check out this spanish health and fitness website…


My friend Juan is originally from Mexico and he’s an amazing personal trainer and diet creator.

He also happens to be a phenomenal writer and he’s  taking his skills online, he started his quest by writing workout routines on muscle class.


If you’re a girl… you probably just want a flat belly and firm bottom (damn that Jennifer Lopez for setting the spanish booty standards so high, lol).

If you’re a Senior that wants to look jacked, tan and swole for the Senoritas on your your beach quest in Mexico… Well, my good firend and personal trainer Juan tells me the best workout routine he can recommend is the Layne Norton phat workout routine.

Head over there, check out his posts and give him a shout out. He really would love the support.


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